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Testimony of Health Promoter Ester Nuñez

In June 2019, everything changed. Today I thank God for that accident, but at that moment I said: this is it! My friend was with me, I thought I was going to die.

Around 7:00 pm on the way to drop off my friend after dinner, driving at 35 miles per hour, I saw a car coming from the other side with the intention of passing, he had to wait, but he wanted to beat me It arrived on the left side of the driver and because of the speed at which it was coming; I thought it was enough, I shouted my friend’s name!

I was worried about my friend, I saw a lot of smoke, I was afraid, the airbags were bursting, everything was dark, and that’s when I said: thank you God! I’m alive! but now how do I get out?…

After the accident, we went to the hospital, I was in a lot of pain, several cuts on my hands and bruises all over my body from head to toe on the left side where the blow hit me. We went in the ambulance to Chippenham Hospital, where my friend had a full MRI scan; The doctor said that she had to see her primary doctor because they detected a large lump near her Kidney that she had nothing to do with the accident.

The days passed and we went to a chiropractor for the pain we still had, after giving my friend’s exams; He said that he had to go to his primary doctor for an emergency because of the lump that he had near his kidneys, since it could be malignant or benign. I immediately called La Casa de La Salud to seek help for my friend.

An LCS worker was the one who helped my friend make an appointment at The Center for Healthy Hearts clinic. My friend took her studies, applied, qualified, and they sent her to do all the necessary studies. The clinic referred her to others. specialists in other hospitals and shortly after they operated on her at the Johnston Willis Hospital, everything was very fast, after the operation they did the studies and it turned out that it was a benign tumor.

God knows why things happen, that day was a very ugly accident… my friend and I thank God because, as a result of that situation, my friend is now fine thanks to the immediate help and support of LCS.