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Eight Certified Health Promoters (CHWs) in 2020, from a group of 30 volunteers at LCS.

Personal story of the Health Promoter: Larissa Ramos

In 2017, I arrived at the house of health as a Health Promoter with the purpose of being able to help our community, although at that time our role as Health Promoters was not endorsed by the state of Virginia. But at the end of 2019, the possibility arose with the Association of Community Health Workers to obtain our Certification approved by the state, this is how the health house offers us this resource and the possibility of being one of the first Certified Promoters in the state. We were all motivated to take this step for different reasons, personally I saw the opportunity to continue representing our Hispanic Community, but with a title that approves and in some way recognizes the work that Health Promoters perform. It was something new that was starting the process, it wasn’t that easy! There are requirements to meet to obtain our certificate, but it was worth all the effort.

On January 2, 2020 we received our Health Promoter certificates in Virginia. He invited those who are interested and have not done so yet, to do so! It’s worth it! There is always something new to learn.