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Post on the National Network Library of Medicine SEA blog

Access to reliable, quality health information has been one of the primary health needs identified in the Hispanic/Latino community through various needs assessments over the past 10 years in the Central Virginia area. We also know that one of the priorities for underserved communities in Virginia is to reduce health disparities which requires the use of community engagement strategies to improve access to preventive clinical services, provision of health information in Spanish, health promotion, as well as training individuals and families in self-control of diseases.

In its mission to contribute to the improvement of the state of health and well-being of the Hispanic community achieved its objectives of providing relevant health information to approximately 2,000 Hispanic people in the association with VCU Libraries Health and Wellness Library who implemented training workshops for Health Promoters to search and evaluate reliable information in Spanish. This increased La Casa de La Salud’s ability to serve the Hispanic community with relevant information and other resources to empower the community in its holistic model focused on a healthy lifestyle, which also contributes to the reduction of costs. of the health system.

We learned from this project that we not only need to promote services through a website, but also by combining other channels such as radio, social networks and telephone support services.

La Casa de La Salud positively impacts the community using simple and easy-to-understand tools, periodically updating its website as well as its which generates credibility in the community; However, we recognize that the message is often received more effectively in person which encourages health promoters to remain active in the community. An updated website helps increase awareness of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and mental health issues. In many cases, these diseases can be prevented or their severity and/or complications can be reduced by following a healthier lifestyle.

LCS will continue its partnerships with Iglesias and VCU Libraries Health and Wellness Library to support health promoters and leaders with scientific and reliable health information.