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La Casa de la Salud Earns CDC Foundation Recognition for COVID Project Impact!

In a recent accolade, the CDC Foundation has acknowledged the outstanding efforts of La Casa de la Salud during the pivotal COVID project. This recognition not only fills us with pride but also shines a spotlight on the collaborative endeavors to overcome hurdles and provide crucial information and vaccinations to our community.

This achievement symbolizes our commitment to health equity and community well-being. La Casa de la Salud, born out of a pilot study in 2014, has evolved into a trusted pillar, dedicated to enhancing the lives and health of Hispanic families in the Richmond, VA metro area.

The recognition particularly applauds our response to the challenges of COVID-19, where we stood as a bridge to connect the multicultural Hispanic community with essential resources. The acknowledgment from the CDC Foundation underscores the impact of our vaccine education and outreach initiatives, which addressed language barriers and combated misinformation.

Collaborating with local leaders, nonprofits, healthcare providers, and the Virginia Department of Health, we facilitated not just vaccine information but also essential services and care. Our January vaccine event, supported by Quintanillas Management and Waymakers Foundation, exemplifies our commitment to holistic community well-being.

Your unwavering support has been pivotal in this journey. Join us in celebrating this achievement and delve into the full story on the CDC Foundation’s website.

Read the full article here.