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Celebrating Our Leader:

Dr. Antonio Villa Payares' Feature in Richmond Free Press

We are thrilled to share an inspiring feature from the Richmond Free Press highlighting the incredible journey and achievements of Dr. Antonio Villa Payares, our esteemed founder and executive director. Dr. Villa Payares has not only pioneered the first generation of his family in medicine but has also dedicated his life to improving the health of our Hispanic community through La Casa de la Salud (LCS).

A Journey of Passion and Dedication From his early dreams of becoming a doctor to his impactful work in the field of preventive medicine, Dr. Villa Payares’s path has been guided by a deep-seated desire to serve and uplift others. His story, as covered by the Richmond Free Press, reflects his unwavering commitment to community health and his profound influence on those around him.

The Impact of La Casa de la Salud Founded in 2014 as a capstone project from Dr. Villa Payares’s Master of Public Health at VCU, LCS has grown into a vital nonprofit organization that bridges gaps in healthcare accessibility for the Hispanic community. Under his leadership, LCS provides crucial health information, preventive services, and education, improving countless lives across Virginia.

Expanding Horizons With recent expansions into Virginia Beach and Harrisonburg, LCS is set to increase its reach and deepen its impact. This growth is a testament to Dr. Villa Payares’s vision of a health-informed community where everyone has access to the care they need.

Join Us in Our Mission As we continue to grow and serve, we invite you to read more about Dr. Villa Payares’s journey and our ongoing projects. Together, we can build a healthier future for our community.

Read the full article on Richmond Free Press and join us in celebrating a leader whose life’s work is a beacon of hope and health: Read Richmond Free Press Article.

Dr Antonio Villa Payares
Dr Antonio Villa Payares - LCS Executive Director